When it comes to sex, timing is often everything. Alongside or against accounts that promise the progressive decipherment and liberation of sexual life, we want to explore the way traumatic political histories, radical utopian futures, fearless female pleasures, and other untimely forces make themselves felt in contemporary sexualities.


Home and Homelessness in Queer Poetry, Politics, Places: Reading Loma’s Sad Girl Poems

When the poet Christopher Soto, aka Loma, debuted their chapbook Sad Girl Poems (Sibling Rivalry Press, January 2016), they took it on what they called a “Tour to End Queer Youth Homelessness.” […]

Sep, 20

Voicing Oolboon: The Work of Feminist Rage in a Climate of Sexual Misconduct

CW: Sexual Assault   Do you remember the story of Philomel who is raped and then has her tongue ripped out by the rapist so that she can never tell? I believe […]

Apr, 15

How We Look: #MeToo at the Movies, 2

The premise of Claire Denis’s recent “Let the Sunshine In” (Un beau soleil intérieur) may be a bit unconventional; but then in 2018, it is not the least bit difficult to entertain […]

Oct, 16

#Me Too at the Movies: Précis

And no more turn aside and brood Upon love’s bitter mystery William Butler Yeats One of the surprising, but in the end most consequential casualties of the #MeToo movement may well be […]

Sep, 25

I you he she: Pronoun-ced Wisdom

  I encountered Chantal Akerman’s films the year of her death, 2015. My breath got caught throughout as I sat in a dark room among others and watched some of the most […]

Dec, 21

The Art of the Consummate Cruise and the Essential Risk of the Common (1/2)

Part I – Ethics of Pleasure  In conceiving of the ethics and erotics of queer pornographic life, we need to rid ourselves of the notions and structures of self-other, subject-object, self-alterity. For […]

Feb, 04

The Art of the Consummate Cruise and the Essential Risk of the Common (2/2)

  Part II – Cruising as Aesthetic Intuition of the Common  As I briefly noted in Part I of this essay, in the chapter of his book, Unlimited Intimacy: Notes on the […]

Feb, 04

News from Home: Remembering Chantal Akerman

As a recent but devoted convert to her work, the news that filmmaker Chantal Akerman had died by her own hand hit me with an unexpected force, triggering a recognition that I […]

Jan, 25

“Much Loved”: Souk of Pornography

Nabil Ayouch’s latest film, Much Loved (Zine Liffik 2015), is like no other movie the Arab world has ever seen. A semi-pornographic account of the lives of three prostitutes in the city […]

Jan, 08

“Undue Burden” and the Discursive Limits of Reproductive Rights

  The closing of reproductive health clinics in Texas has gained international attention as singularly representative of contemporary abortion debates in the United States. While much could be written about the broader […]

Nov, 12

Redefining Success and Failure: Open-Access Journals and Queer Theory

Both the process and the very idea of publishing one’s work in an open-access online scholarly journal are fraught with irony. The realities of the job market for recent graduates, as well […]

Jun, 03

Statement of Intent: Pluralizing Sexuality

Costumes and poses. A constellation of touches develops between hands, shoulders, and laps. Silhouetted, a latecomer to the party masks one of his fellow guests. The image is a still from Eva […]

Jan, 03

Call/Appel/征集/Ruf—for Submissions

    Feedback is a weblog publication of Open Humanities Press, a community of critics dedicated to writing at the generative interfaces between established disciplinary, institutional, and social territories and protocols. The […]

Apr, 29


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