Feedback is a weblog publication of the critical theory community. It is the current expression of a network of readers, scholars, and critics that has dedicated itself for some decades already to theoretical questions of representation, mediation, performance, cultural transmission and mutation, systems, ecology, and the transpersonal conditions affected by the above. Feedback is part of the overall effort to redirect lines of inquiry and critique initially opened within the framework of academic scholarship toward contemporary online communications and reporting. Its basic premise is that theoretical argumentation and interpretation as evolved under a number of formats and models have something critical to offer to the informed public reception of a host of varied and variable artifacts, from cybernetic technology and media installations to global warming itself.

Feedback consists of ten topic-areas, each edited by a separate desk chief or chiefs. Please visit the Submissions page for specifications for posts and the process of submission in greater detail.

Feedback is a community project of Open Humanities Press, a leading open-access publisher in the Humanities devoted to cutting-edge theoretical and cultural critique.