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Feedback is a weblog publication of Open Humanities Press, a community of critics dedicated to writing at the generative interfaces between established disciplinary, institutional, and social territories and protocols. The weblog format is the electronic realization of the interactions within a critical community that has communicated along networks and rhizomes of deliberation for some time already. As such, this instrument welcomes theoretically and philosophically-informed posts in a variety of media and formats rendering critique on the noteworthy trends, sea-changes, and catastrophes of our day. Posts, in keeping with the conventions of the weblog medium, could well vary from original thought-pieces to reviews of books, films, exhibitions, theater, performance-works, music, and on to reports: on new media and technologies, institutional developments, conferences, and related happenings of significance to the critical and educational communities. The editors imagine two formats for customary posts: 200-500 words for reviews, reports, and notes on “actual” happenings; 500-2000 words for elaborated contributions of thinking and critique. In very different ways, past experiments including the Romantic fragment, Baudelaire’s art criticism, Barthes’s “mythologies,” and Benjamin’s Denkbilder hold untold wisdom for the Feedback community. Feedback is topically organized by desks whose editors (“chiefs”) welcome posts of 250-2000 words. Feedback is configured in such a fashion that authors, along with the texts of their posts, submit a relevant image serving as the logo both signaling and coalescing their intervention. The desk chiefs hope that this added dimension to the submission proves to be a dynamic visual correlative to the discursive synthesis involved. It makes provision for bibliographical documentation at the end of posts, but not for standard academic footnotes. On the basis of this shared understanding, Feedback encourages cultural critics and writers from a variety of disciplinary outlooks and media orientations to submit their posts to the most a propos desks. Desk chiefs managing the interest-areas into which Feedback is divided are the following. In the case of co-edited desks, please submit prospective posts to both desk chiefs. Feedback Desk Chiefs: Actualities:  Jason Groves (jagroves@uw.eduNew Ecologies: Jason Groves (  Education: Jeffrey DiLeo ( Film: Henry Sussman ( Literature: Rachel Galvin ( and Henry Sussman (henry.sussman@yale.eduPerformance: Stephen Barker ( Science: Chris Shaw ( Sexualities: Katrin Pahl ( and Noelle Dubay ( Theory: William Egginton ( and Christopher RayAlexander ( Urbanities: Craig Epplin ( Justin Read (

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