Performance Contributors

Stephen Barker, formerly Chair of Drama, Chair of Art, and Head of Doctoral Studies, is the Associate Dean in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. In former lives a professional actor, director, dancer, and choreographer, he now works centrally in critical, aesthetic, and performance theory. Has written books and articles on numerous artists and philosophers including Nietzsche, Freud, and Beckett; books include Autoaesthetics: Strategies of the Self After Nietzsche; Signs of Change: Premodern, Modern, Postmodern; and Interrogating Images. His most recent book, Thresholds: The Art of Limit-Play, is forthcoming. Barker is a founder of the journal Derrida Today and is on the faculty of the London Graduate School. He has recently translated volumes by Bernard Stiegler and François-David Sebbah for Stanford University Press.

Noam Gal (Performance) received his PhD from the Comparative Literature Department at Yale University in 2012. His work concerns literary theory, visual culture and posthumanist philosophy. Chapters from his dissertation Fictional Inhumanities: Wartime Animals and Personification explore literary and photographic representations of human-animal relations during the Second World War, and were published in English and Hebrew. He currently teaches at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.