Editorial Guidelines

Guidelines for uploading a post.

1. To add a new post, visit this website:

2. You may be prompted to enter your credentials (user name and password).

3. Once logged in, roll with your cursor over the “+ New” tab on the upper right-hand of the homepage and select “post” from the drop down bar. Note: this tab will not appear if you haven’t logged in.

4. Enter your text into the text box that pops up.  We recommend first composing your post in Word or other word processing program and then copying it into the website’s text box. Be sure to select the category (a.k.a. “desk”) in which this post will appear. This appears on the right-hand side.

5. To add media, click on the Add Media button on the left.  A new page will pop-up. On the left-hand of this page, you may choose between “insert media” (i.e. insert media into your post) and “set featured image” (i.e. the thumbnail image that will sit above your post on the homepage. You will be prompted to insert a media file: you may either drag and drop a file directly onto this page or browse your computer for this file.  The image should appear as an attachment on the right side of the screen.  Click either the “Insert into post” or “Set featured image” button on the bottom right of the screen.

As part of this wordpress theme, each post is allocated a “featured image.” This is the image that appears above  your text on the homepage. If you do not upload an image, an unappealing grey square appears above your post. Fair use requires that it be more than merely illustrative. Copyrighted or licensed images may only be used with prior permission. Creative commons licensed works are typically acceptable. A popular database is: Flickr and Google Image advanced search allow you to search for CC licensed content, see:  

All media will require proper attribution.  Typically this information is included in the caption, below the title of the image. For media included in the body of the post you will need to ensure that the attribution is visible.  Another way to do this for media in this place: once the image is embedded in the body of the post, and you are in the process of editing that post, click on the image and then click on the landscape icon that appears and enter the text for the caption in the resulting pop-up.

Upon being uploaded to Feedback, this image will be automatically scaled to 568 × 747 pixels. We do not advise using images smaller than this format. Note: the featured image is longer than it is tall. Some cropping and/or re-scaling my need to take place to ensure that it “fits” in the allocated space.  If you are having trouble with this, contact

4. Whenever you are ready to publish your post, click on the publish button.