F.A.Q. for Contributors

What is Word Press and where can I learn more about it?

How do I attribute a source? See existing posts for guidelines. We discourage the use of footnotes.

For a good primer on attribution see:

Is my work on Feedback copyrighted? Like all content published by Open Humanities Press, your work is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. See:

Where can I find public domain / creative commons images. British Library flickr page (1,000,000 digitized images from 17th-19th c. books); Getty Museum Open Content Images (10,000 images from prints to photographs); Creative Commons image search (millions).

My featured image is cut-off / skewed / distorted. How can I fix this? 

Basically, the featured image needs to be wider than it is tall.  This means that images with different dimensions will have heads and/or legs cut off etc. If this is the case with your featured image, you might want to try to crop the image prior to uploading it.  The actual dimensions are less important than having an image that is wider than it is tall.  The ideal image has: 350×248 pixels.  If you encounter any difficulties, you can ask managing editor Jason Groves for assistance.